The Ecosilent cabins combine high insulation - sound-absorbing performances with modularity and flexibility, allowing targeted and effective solutions to create industrially advanced work environments in compliance with current regulations.

The Trialfon and Diapason systems, in fact, represent the best solutions for sound insulation of machinery. The installation of each system does not interfere with the existing production units and provides easy access to

the machines, thanks to the unique panelsí disassembly system, in case of extraordinary maintenance. The ventilation of the cabins is ensured by silenced fans, air conditioners or auto-ventilating systems.

They guarantee perfect sound insulation of the staff while stationing near the machinery. The Ecosilent cabins are complete with windows, which may also be of large idth and devoid of frames, in order to allow

a l more extensive visual. All cabins may be equipped, upon request, with an effective system of internal conditioning, technical floor and lighting.

Ecosilent collaborates with the most established manufacturers for which it designs and manufactures soundproof bonnets for machines of any kind. Competence, attention to detail and flexibility make Ecosilent the ideal partner to develop new industrial design projects that require special attention to noise containment.

Ecosilent designs and manufactures soundproofing doors of any size and type. Thanks to the unique technology used you can get acoustic abatement of more than 50 dB.

The acoustic barriers allow you to isolate and absorb sound energy produced from noisy sources. They find application inside workplaces as silent room dividers, between workstations, or around machines and plants, or outside, such as barriers on the borders of noisy factories or infrastructure such as roads, highways or railways. The panels used are made up of an outer

casing in galvanized steel sheet that gives to the structures very high quality of sound insulation, and an inner sound absorbing mat. Their structure guarantee maximum flexibility during assembly, so as to make them useful for definitive uses both in open field, to protect residential areas from vehicular traffic,

and for short-term use, to isolate the noise generated by temporary construction yards in the vicinity of urban areas.

In industrial processes the gaseous fluids (air, steam, gas, etc.) generate noise, often intensively loud. A disorder that can be effectively attenuated by the use of special silencers designed according to the fluid dynamic and acoustic characteristics of the sources (suction systems and ventilation systems, pneumatic plants, overflows

of steam and gas, aeration cabins). Ecosilent designs and manufactures silencers tailored to solve, each time, the specific problems - even the most complex - encountered by the customer.

The Perseo silenced grids allow you to combine the need to ensure adequate air exchange to environments with surprisingly high sound proofing characteristics.

The Perseo grids can be tailored and customized according to customer requirements.

Sound distortion and noise amplification are frequently observed in reverberant environments (construction in prestressed concrete, gyms, swimming pools, etc.). Ecosilent has the solution: the acoustics can be

corrected by installing the advanced sound-absorbing panels of its production (wall and / or ceiling), or the baffle which, applied to the ceiling, restrict the sound energy reflected from surfaces.

The vibrations generated by many types of machines are harmful to man, to the stability of the structures of the buildings and to the machines themselves. Each vibration or shock, depending on the intensity or frequency, can be eliminated or

reduced with appropriate anti-vibration and vibration-absorbing systems. These systems can be active or passive, depending on the characteristics of the source, and reduce the propagation through solids.

EcoSilent studies, designs and manufactures suction and filtration plants to be installed, as accessories, in the cabins which encase machinery which, during normal operation, produce dust. With these systems the surrounding environment

remains clean and livable. In addition, for testing cabins, washing systems and fume extraction plants are available. - The used filters can be sleeved or with cartridges.