ECOSILENT since 1986 designs and manufactures systems for the reduction and elimination of noise, reverberation and vibration in industrial and civil environments. Advanced research, experience and execution accuracy in the specific solutions, studied for all sectors, put Ecosilent at the top of its segment.

Soundproofing and silent cabins, correction, roads soundproofing barriers, silencers, anti-vibration systems, acoustic materials and dust-exhaustion: with a complete range and a qualified structure ECOSILENT is able to respond effectively to any requirement or request of partners.

Ecosilent is a division of the Gruppo Ecostil since 2005.

ECOSILENT, namely its Project Office, thanks to the commitment of qualified technicians, offers an accurate and customized service to all manufacturers of machines and industrial plants, for the production of sound-absorbing and sound-insulating structures that present particular problems of construction.

- Surveys and sound-metric and vibro-metric analysis - Acoustic reclamation of machinery, plants and premises. - Silent cabins for stationing of operators. - Soundproofing cabins to encapsulate machinery. - Resonance and absorption reactive silencers. - Anti-vibration systems, vibro-absorbing concrete beds.

- Sound-proof, sound-absorbing and damping materials. - Acoustic correction of gyms, swimming pools, bowling alleys, canteens, industrial buildings, radio and television studios, etc.. - Road barriers for the reduction of environmental acoustic pollution.

EcoSilent solutions ensure various and important advantages to those who choose them for their companies. The continued industrialization has led to the proliferation of sources of noise and an increase of people exposed to this risk factor. Ecolsilent aims to reduce noise pollution, introducing, thanks to its technologies, significant benefits:

- Increased productivity and efficiency. The elimination of the disturbances caused by noise makes it easier to work, resulting in increases in performances at all levels - Elimination of noise damages on people. Prolonged exposure to noise causes, in the auditory apparatus, serious injury, and sometimes permanent, as well as problems in the function of other organs and psychological stress.

- Reduction of production errors. It is proved that in a work environment acoustically protected the incidence of injuries to employees and of errors due to disturbances of communication is considerably lower. - Reduction of social security charges. A proper control policy of noise emissions in workplaces, as well as being required by the legislation in force regarding safety, protects the company from likely

penalties and claims by those affected by the damage caused from prolonged exposure to noise sources