Acoustic materials

It is a load bearing monolithic panel that can be employed, for its characteristics, in building soundproofing and sound absorbing cabins for operating machines, partition walls and casings to be installed directly on the structure of noisy machines. Trialfon 80 is composed of two pressure bended metal sheets with an interposed mineral wool with orientated fibers, glued and hot-pressed. The side exposed to the noise is made from perforated metal sheet while
the exterior is smooth and can be made in pre-varnished steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.
  • It can be used in combination with the slatted Diapason system.
  • It is fire (class 1) and corrosion resistant.
  • It does not absorb moisture and dust.
  • It does not contain asbestos and is reliable over time.
  • It is available in four different thicknesses: 40 mm / 60/80/100.
Trialfon 80
Sandwich panel made of pre-varnished galvanized smooth metal sheet, mineral wool protected with glass veil, pre-varnished galvanized perforated sheet. The drilling is differentiated so that the entire range of noise frequency is affected by the phenomenon of sound absorption. The modular system allows you to create partitions,
subdivision of workstations, soundproofing and silent cabins, environment acoustic correction plants, road barriers.
  • It is fire (class 1) and corrosion resistant and is reliable over time.
  • Does not contain asbestos.
The metal sheet has a high coefficient of sound insulation, thanks to its sandwich composition: stainless steel-plastic film-stainless steel. The strong cohesion obtained by the layer of bonding plastic allows easy processing. This metal sheet eliminates vibrations without
additional mechanical processing and has numerous possibilities of use (protective casings for machines with a high level of noise, automotive industry, shipbuilding, mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems, etc..).
The standard size of electro galvanized steel is 1000 x 2000 mm with thicknesses of 1.2 to 2.3 - 3.3 to 5.3. Other sizes, thicknesses and materials on request
The baffles are sound absorbing elements made from blocks of mineral wool, non-flammable treated with thermosetting resins. They have a particular oval-shape, designed to take full advantage of the acoustic properties of the material, especially at medium and low frequencies.
They are upholstered with fabric, treated with fire retardant paints, secured at the sides with caps made of pressed steel. Each element is supported by a galvanized steel rod in turn fixed on struts and special rods, previously fixed to the ceiling with expansion screws.
The noise generated by compressed air can be mitigated with the use of special nozzles designed and manufactured by Ecosilent.

  • Flat, circular Nozzles and Micro-Nozzles.
    The flat nozzles ed to generate an air flow large and efficient. They are suitable for numerous applications such as drying, transport, cooling, cleaning, etc..
    The circular nozzles are provided with aerodynamic slits to optimally exploit the compressed air, while reducing at the same time the noise to the minimum. Blowing force 0.9 to 127 N
  • Blow guns with nozzle and central silencer.
    The gun with nozzle removes large particles or chips quickly and efficiently. The central silencer is designed to reduce the noise of the exhaust air which pass through a large single valve, or as a common silencer for smaller valves.

  • Air bazooka with concentrated blowing force.
    The air bazooka combines a blowing force (up to 100 N) extremely concentrated with a valve
easy to control and a low level of noise. Doing so it allows you to make most of the compressed air in any situation and use.

  • Flex Systems.
    The flexibles Flexblow are adjustable and foldable, able to maintain the desired position also during the blow at high pressure. Oil-resistant, they can be used also for cooling.
Silenced nozzlesSilenced nozzlesSilenced nozzlesSilenced nozzlesSilenced nozzles
These materials are indicated to solve sound absorption and sound insulation problems. They can be supplied both in self-extinguishing and in non-flammable material.

  • Soundproofing panel in expanded polystyrene self-extinguishing, non dripping with open cells, anthracite colour, with a profiled surface to break up the sound waves.
  • Soundproofing panel in expanded self-extinguishing polyester coupled with a polyester film "smooth", impermeable to water, oil, dust,

  • soundimpeding and soundproofing panel in self-extinguishing polyester, with surface coated with a film impermeable to water, oil, steam, and inside,
non-toxic sheath of high density,

  • Soundproofing panel in self-extinguishing expanded polyester with "pyramid" profile to achieve a high degree of acoustic absorption.
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